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Puppet Design and Building Workshop

A design workshop given by Eric Bass which, from the perspective of creating a puppet, defines the differences between the actor and actor’s theater. In a three-hour class, students will explore lecture, discussion, demonstration, and their own drawings; and the reasons for and advantages of using puppets in theater. Emphasis is placed upon the use and understanding of metaphor as a theatrical device.

This workshop may be expanded into one in which actual puppets are made. This might be done in a week’s workshop, under the right conditions. Recommended for high school and college students.

Bringing Puppets to Life, a Performance Workshop

A performing workshop conducted by Eric Bass in which actors’ training techniques are carried over into the puppet, and then differentiated from the way in which an actor would use them. Emphasis is placed upon breathing disciplines and improvisation. The class will use puppets especially designed for the original exercises in which they will participate. This class may be taken in a three-hour lecture-demonstration form, a one-week intensive, or a longer (two- to four-week) version.

Creating Puppet Theater from Personal Testimony

Beginning with a story circle exercise developed by John O’Neal of the Free Southern Theater during the civil rights movement, this workshop takes participants through a process of gathering personal testimony. The stories we share will provide the backbone of the workshop from which we will explore the potential of the puppet to embody these stories. In addition to examining the actor/puppet relationship, we will work with song, scene-layering, and other techniques to discover the evocative possibilities of storytelling. Participants will work with Sandglass’ exercise puppets as well as found objects and materials to explore the special possibilities of puppetry as a medium for testimonial storytelling.

Telling Tales with Crankies

Taught by Ines Zeller Bass, Co-Founder of Sandglass Theater. A long illustrated scroll is wound around two spools and set into a box with a viewing window. The scroll is hand cranked, the unfolding story narrated, sung or just accompanied by music. Participants will build their own crankie and create their own story. If you love to express yourself in a beautiful and pure way without technical bells and whistles the crankie will be your best and loving friend.

Virtual Options are Available

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