From the Sandglass Archives

Sandglass Theater has created twenty-five productions since our founding in 1982. Most of these have been video recorded for archival purposes, which means they are for our own documentation, marketing, and press outreach. Some of these recordings are better than others, although none of them is recorded with the intention of conveying the full experience of a live performance. These recordings offer a window into our past for those who want to learn more about our history and how our work has developed over these decades. The videos we have selected offer insight into where we have been and where we are going. For a full list of archival videos available go to Sandglass Theater's Video On Demand.



About the video

Richard 3.5: Light Ruminations on Murder

Recorded by Free Lunch Media at The Redfern Arts Center at Keene State College

A collaboration between Bob Berky and Sandglass Theater. Live from the 15th century, King Richard III is here to perform, for your enjoyment, 11 murders and 7 songs that Shakespeare never meant to write. Surrounded by larger-than-life candles, whose wax is used to create the puppet victims before your eyes, Richard and his emcee accomplice dance and sing their way through this epic tragedy.

Created & Performed by Eric Bass & Bob Berky
Texts by Bass, Berky, & the Bard
Lighting Design by Gerald Stockman
Music by Ralph Denzer & Eric Bass
Puppet Design by Ines Zeller Bass & Jana Zeller
Set Design by Dave Regan
Directorial consultant Richard Edelman
Guitar coaching by Scott Ainslie

Isidor’s Cheek


About the video

Isidor’s Cheek, Family Audiences

Recorded at The Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry by Free Lunch Media, November 2015
So begins the song, which begins the story, which begins the adventure: One day, something drives Isidor from his little grey existence. His cheek runs away and Isidor must search around the world to find it again: a world of color and beauty as well as loneliness and even danger. Inspired by a German children’s book.

Isidor’s Cheek won a Citation of Excellence from UNIMA in 1999.

Conceived and performed by Ines Zeller Bass
Designed by Jana Zeller
Directed by Eric Bass
Music composed and recorded by Peter Tavalin

Sand, 1985


About the video

Sand, 1985

Q & A with co-founders Ines Zeller Bass and Eric Bass

Sand (1985) is a story about a Jewish man and a German woman on the night before they begin a life together. A dream play that marks the beginning of Sandglass Theater and the creative partnership of co-founders Ines Zeller Bass and Eric Bass.
Written & Designed by Eric Bass
Directed by Richard Edelman
Originally performed by Eric Bass, Arne Bustorff, Ines Zeller
Later performed by Eric Bass, Martin Bachmann, Ines Zeller Bass & Laura Fredricks
Music by Didier Capeille
Puppets by Eric Bass, Arne Bustorff, Rob Matson, Norbert Mülbert

Sand was created with support from the Jim Henson Foundation and from “Des Operations” (also know as Compagnie Jacques Falguieres and the Theatre de la Ville d’Evreux, France)

Dwarf Longnose, 1991 (for family audiences)


About the video

Dwarf Longnose, 1991 (Family Audiences)

Q & A with Ines Zeller Bass and Eric Bass

Dwarf Longnose (1991) is an original family show based on a German fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff. Like many fairy tales, it is a story of transformation, disappearance, hard work and renewal. It is the first Sandglass show for young audiences that was developed in Vermont and that engaged local artists.

Conceived by Ines Zeller Bass
Directed by Eric Bass
Music by Robert Starner
Performed by Ines Zeller Bass

Dwarf Longnose touring in New England was funded in part by the New England States Touring program of the New England Foundation for the Arts.

Invitations to Heaven, 1990


About the video

Invitations to Heaven (1990)

Q & A with Eric Bass

Invitations to Heaven (1990) is a journey through a family’s past told through memories of a grandson. It is a bittersweet comedy with music, dance and Yiddish song in which the grandson seeks to redeem the memory of his grandparents, whose unpleasant arranged marriage left many unanswered questions about the darker side of their lives.

Conceived & created by Eric Bass
Directed by Richard Edelman
Music adapted & composed by Alan Bern
Performed by Eric Bass & Alan Bern

1991 Citation of Excellence from UNIMA

Invitations to Heaven was created with funds from the Jim Henson Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Vermont Council of the Arts (now known as the Vermont Arts Council).