Winter Sunshine Series

About the event

The 17th season of Southern Vermont’s favorite winter puppet program was wonderful in February 2024! Dedicated to serving children, families and schools through the art of puppetry, Sandglass presented a different live puppetry performance every Saturday throughout the month.

Read on to learn more about the incredible New England puppeteers who joined us and the shows they delighted us with!

Co-Produced by Sandglass Theater and Doppelskope, CT/VT

The Amazing Story Machine

Created by Ora Fruchter and Stoph Scheer
The Grimm family is on the verge of unveiling their amazing new Story Machine, which runs on steam and dreams and promises to revolutionize how stories are told and how people connect. When their fabulous contraption malfunctions, they have to invent a new way of storytelling on the spot, using puppets and help from the audience. The Grimms explore some of their favorite fairy tales, including The Hare and the Hedgehog, Hansel and Gretel, and The Brave Little Tailor. Performed by Stoph Scheer, Shoshana Bass and Mackenzie Doss.
Length of show: 45 minutes
Recommended audience: 4 and up

Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers, Bar Harbor, ME
The Legend of Banana Kid
Little Chucky heads to the Wild West to outwit outlaws in this cowboy adventure! With a fistful of bananas, Chucky rides into town on his trusty goat for a showdown with Big Bad Bart and his gang of bandits. (please note that there are no guns in the show).
“The Legend of the Banana Kid” features 20 of our hand-crafted glove, mouth and rod puppets, and a slew of flying and twirling styrofoam bananas.
Length of show: approx. 45 minutes
Recommended audience: ages 4 and up

Tanglewood Marionettes, Ware,MA
Sleeping Beauty
A classic tale which appeals to children of all ages, Sleeping Beauty begins in King Felix’s great hall with the celebration of Princess Aurora’s birth. The party goes awry when the wicked witch arrives and curses Princess Aurora. Will the curse come true? Will someone with a “true heart” appear? You will know when you see Tanglewood Marionettes’ presentation of this best-loved tale.
In this retelling, a painted story book opens to reveal each scene. Beautifully hand-crafted marionettes are brought to life by a master puppeteer as the dramatic events unfold.
Length of show: approx. 40 minutes, and includes the Puppetry Demonstration prior to the show, and a Question and Answer Session following the performance.
Recommended audience: ages 3 and up

Sandglass Theater, Putney, VT
Isidor’s Cheek
So begins the song, which begins the story, which begins the adventure: One day, something drives Isidor from his little gray existence. His cheek runs away, and Isidor must search around the world to find it again: a world of color and beauty, as well as loneliness and even danger. Inspired by a German children’s book. This show was created by Ines Zeller Bass and will be performed for the first time by Jana Zeller, in whose hands the piece will have another life.
Length of show: 45 minutes
Recommended audience: ages 4 and up

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