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Virtual Entertainment All Summer Long with Live Video Streams

This summer Sandglass brings you a very special dip into our history. Each week, beginning Thursday, June 25 we will release an archival video of a production that is no longer being performed in our repertoire. These performances represent a wide spectrum of Sandglass’ work over our almost 40 year history. A Q&A will accompany each live-stream and will include special guests such as Sandglass founders, ensemble members and collaborators. Sandglass will host these archival live streams as free, one-time events throughout the summer months via our website and Facebook page. Live streams will begin at 7PM Eastern time and will remain available for 24 hours. After 24 hours the livestreams can be watched on vimeo on demand here.

The Schedule:

The First Decade

June 25th - Sand 1985
July 2nd - Dwarf Longnose (for family audiences) 1991
July 9th - Invitations to Heaven 1990

Ensemble Work

July 16th - Richard 3.5 2006
July 23rd - One Way Street 2002


August 6th - Between Sand and Stars
August 14th - Natan El Sabio *Spanish language (see summary below) *Please note that this performance is on Friday and not Thursday
August 20th - Story of the Dog
August 21st - Story of the Dog Documentary

Command Video Performance

August 27th - D-Generation, an exaltation of larks

*Summary of Natan El Sabio

In Jerusalem, during the time of the Third Crusade, a Christian Templar rushes into a burning building to rescue a young woman. When he discovers that she is the daughter of a Jew, he torments himself for his deed, because, as a Christian, the Jews are his enemies. He is further tormented because he is strongly attracted to the woman, whose name is Recha, daughter of Nathan, a wealthy merchant.

Just before this event, the Templar’s life had been spared by Saladin, the Sultan. Saladin does not know why he spared the Templar, except that the young man bears a striking resemblance to the Sultan’s dead brother.

Saladin has run out of money to fund his army in the war against the European Crusaders (some of which he lost to his wise sister in chess games). He has heard that the Jewish merchant Nathan has money to lend, but when Nathan comes to see him, he asks not for money, but for Truth. Nathan tells him the parable of the three rings:

A father has a ring that will enable the owner to find favor in the eyes of God. To which of his three sons should he give the ring? He has matching rings made so that each of his sons should have one. But which is the true ring? Or are none of them the true one? Is the true ring lost? The brothers quarrel. A judge counsels them to live in such a way that their ring's powers could prove true. And so Nathan equates the story with the question of which of the three religions in Jerusalem is the true one.

Nathan and Saladin become friends. But meanwhile, The Templar, in love with Reha, has asked for her hand in marriage. Nathan, for reasons we do not yet know, denies his request, which angers the Templar. Further, Daya, the nurse, has told the Templar that Reha is adopted, and not born a Jew. The Templar, even more deeply troubled, goes to the Christian Patriarch to ask “hypothetical” advice. The Patriarch wants to discover the identity of this Jew who has raised a Christian child in the Jewish faith, and have him executed by burning at the stake.

As danger builds, a Friar reveals to Nathan a book he had been given years ago by a dying warrior. The book reveals a family history, the history of Saladin’s dead brother, Assad. We learn that Assad had two children that had been separated at birth. The boy was taken to Germany to be raised to become a crusading Templar. And the girl? The girl is the child that had been given into Nathan’s hands to raise and care for. So the Templar and Reha are united in love – but it is the love of siblings who find each other. Nathan reveals the story at the court of Saladin, to everyone’s surprise. They find that they are all of one family.

New releases dates will be announced on our via Facebook event pages and our weekly e-Newsletter.

This series is sponsored by the generous giving of Paul Millman, Mara Williams and other individual donors.

Summer Streaming is presented in part by Network of Ensemble Theaters, Next Stage, the Center for Puppetry Arts (Atlanta, GA) and UNIMA USA.

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