Outdoors at Sandglass: Footpath to the CIRCUS Puppets

About the Event

Outdoors at Sandglass: Footpath to the Puppets
September 11-13 (Rain Date: September 18-20)

A rollicking walkthrough puppetry experience for audiences with 3 outdoor performance stations featuring the work of Co-Founders Eric Bass and Ines Zeller Bass, Co-Artistic Director Shoshana Bass, and Associate Artist Jana Zeller. Audiences will sign up for a time slot and pay online as “pods”. For the performances, roving pods will follow a short pathway around the Sandglass property, enjoying short-form performances en route. This is a great addition to your day or evening stroll through Putney Town. There will be no bathrooms available so take care of business before you arrive.

There will be three performances per day:
Friday 4 PM, 5 PM and 6 PM
Saturday 4 PM, 5 PM and 6 PM
Sunday 3 PM, 4 PM and 5 PM

New Times call for New Ticketing
If you are planning to attend this event, please read this carefully
To ensure the health and safety of our community and maintain social distancing while together, ticketing looks different for this event. Tickets will be sold by group, or “pod”, rather than as individual places. Pods may have between 1 - 4 individuals each. Ticket prices are a sliding scale starting at $10 per person. For example:

  • If you are a group, or “pod”, of 1 person, please purchase 1 “Pod 1” for $10 or up
  • If you are a pod of 2 people, please purchase 1 “Pod 2” for $20 or up
  • If you are a pod of 3 people, please purchase 1 “Pod 3” for $30 or up
  • If you are a pod of 4 people, please purchase 1 “Pod 4” for $40 or up

At the time of purchase, the ticket buyer will be asked to complete a form with the names and contact details (address, phone, email) for each person in their pod as well as any accessibility needs. (Please note that this is an outdoor event that requires movement from one station to the next on uneven and unpaved terrain.) Space is limited to a maximum of 4 pods at each performance event. For questions or assistance with ticketing please email us at info@sandglass.org.

At the event, patrons will complete a brief health survey and temperature checks prior to admittance to the event. All patrons will be required to wear a mask and maintain a minimum of 6’ social distance between pods for the duration of the performances; the ground will be clearly marked to help maintain social distancing between pods.

If available, pod tickets (1 pod is a maximum of 4 individuals) may be purchased at the door by check or cash only.

Should any pod member not clear the health and safety screening at the door of the event and therefore the pod not be admitted to the performance, the purchaser of the pod ticket will receive a full refund.


Puppetry Stations

Shoshana Bass
This performance will be a very first excerpt of Shoshana's new project, a piece addressing the act of making visible and reclaiming the work of women. Feral presents the tension created by living in two worlds: One world is tamed and expressed by accommodation and imposed domestication. The other world is wild and expressed by ancestral knowledge, rebellious acts, and exiled parts of ourselves.

Puppet Crimes
Jana Zeller
Excerpts from a raucous piece featuring traditional German hand puppet heroes Kasper and Gretel as they struggle to survive in an old shack on the margins of society. As the centuries pass through their little puppet booth, war is always raging and Kasper tries to avoid getting blamed, arrested and drafted into the army. However, this petty puppet always ends up being the scapegoat for larger crimes. In a grotesque world of gunrunners, outhouses, and a declining monarchy, Kasper (with the humor and wit of the common man) ducks out from under authority and manages to survive another 200 years. This action-packed show draws inspiration from German, British, and Italian hand puppet traditions.

Eric Bass and Ines Zeller Bass
Originally titled The Ballad of the Muddy Road, MUD was first written for a 2010 Sandglass Theater production entitled All Weather Ballads. Ines and Eric recreate the original piece with lyrics by Eric Bass, music by Keith Murphy, and further development with Nick Keil. It continues to be one of Sandglass’ most popular short pieces.